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A Poker Road Trip Through New England

We have recently begun sharing information on our various poker road trips. In 2021 we took a poker road trip to Las Vegas, and then we built another poker road trip through Florida, which we will be partially revisiting this winter. Recently we shared our poker road trip through Maryland. Living in central New England, as we do, we have no reason to take a poker road trip through New England ourselves. However, we thought it would be helpful to those in other parts of the country if we share the road trip we would take, did we not live here already.

Days 1 &2: Poker in Connecticut

Any poker road trip through New England has to come through Connecticut. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are the biggest draws for tournament players, and, along with Encore Boston Harbor, for cash players as well. Foxwoods is hands down the best venue in New England, and one of the best on the entire East Coast, for those poker players seeking a variety of cash games. While $1/$2 NLH can be found throughout the region, and $2/$5 and PLO are also relatively common, Foxwoods is the only venue where you will regularly find games such as stud, limit hold’em, or high-limit NLH games.

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Where to Play Poker in New England: A Guide to Popular Games 2023

The vibrant New England poker scene offers a wide variety of options in a very small geographic footprint. In less than 4 hours you could drive from the room (with 6 or more tables) furthest north, Lebanon Poker Room, to the one furthest south, Foxwoods. The region’s largest city, Boston, sits dead center of the poker action.  Drive a little more than two hours north and you are at the Lebanon Poker Room, 90 minutes south to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, and then 90 minutes due west to the newest large casino venue, MGM Springfield. Three poker rooms in southern New Hampshire are within about an hour North of Boston as well. Additionally, Encore Boston Harbor reopened in February 2022, but with reduced hours and only 15 tables (down from 72 in 2019).

Deciding on Your Poker Room of Choice

In short, there are a lot of options for the New England poker player. So how does one decide where to play poker in New England? Some of it comes down to personal taste. You may just select your favorite rooms, as we did recently. But if you have specific criteria for your preferred game, there’s data available that can help guide your decision.

We have long had a decent idea which venues have the most active cash games, and which tournaments draw the largest fields. But, as data analysts by trade, we decided to take a more statistical approach to our investigation. During Fall 2021 we used PokerAtlas and Bravo Poker to track cash and tournament activity for all New England sites which provide live data. On weekdays, we collected numbers at 8pm each night for cash play, and tracked tournaments after the registration period closed. On weekends, we tracked cash both at 2pm and 8pm and the number of entries for all tournaments.

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Encore Boston Harbor

Average Number of Cash Poker Tables New England

Poker Pilgrims is happy to continue our Cash Poker Table Activity analysis. We recently completed updating our data on cash poker table activity across New England. This region includes the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. No other NE states offer legal live poker.

Our page with New England Results is now updated. Note that there are filters on the page for venue, day, or game ($1/$2, $2/$5, PLO, or Other). Our Cash Poker Activity Map for the entire country can be accessed via the drop-down menus at the top of the homepage (under Poker Room Information).

Sites such as Poker Atlas and Bravo Poker Live offer users the ability to see the current numbers of cash players at a venue at any given time. However, they do not allow you to plan your next poker visit in advance. Currently, if I want to know how many $1-$2 no-limit tables the Ameristar Casino St. Charles gets on a Thursday evening, there is nowhere to go to find that information. Poker Pilgrims hopes to fill that gap.

Whether you are figuring out where to play poker next weekend, or where to plan your next poker vacation, our cash poker table activity pages will hopefully be of help.

Average Cash Poker Tables New England – 2022 Update

Since we last tracked New England’s average number of cash tables in January, we have lost the Keene Casino and both MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor have resumed regular cash operations. Encore has been running only 15 tables of cash play for the last several months resulting in waitlists into the hundreds some Saturdays (wish we were kidding). However, Encore has announced its intention to add 10 more cash poker tables soon. Fingers crossed.

Encore Boston Harbor

We are happy to report that poker remains alive and well in New England. With cash play still suppressed in Boston, the big winners remain The Boston Billiard Club and Casino, Chasers, and Foxwoods.  Foxwoods is still the only reliable poker room in New England if your interest is mixed games. If you want to play a game other than Hold’Em or Omaha, Foxwoods is the place to go. Likewise, if you are looking to play PLO Boston Billiards is your best bet. You will find occasional tables at Foxwoods and Chasers, but the BBC features four or more tables of PLO several days of the week.

Note, as always, these numbers are drawn from Poker Atlas and Bravo Poker Live. We are unable to include poker rooms that do not report to one of these sites. However, there are a number of other small poker rooms in New England that offer the opportunity for cash play. These include The Wonder Casino, The Concord Casino, Lebanon, Dover, The Lakes Region Casino. Most of these poker rooms will have a table or two of $1/$2 running several evenings and weekends, but not much more.


Our Plan

Our poker table cash activity pages will be updated regularly. We now have all cash poker in the US tracked with the exception of Texas. Texas cash poker activity will be tracked in the month of November.

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In areas of the US where a poker player has options, our cash poker tables, along with room reviews, can help you make a discerning choice where to play.  Feel free to visit our map of Cash Poker Activity  and investigate cash poker activity across the US.


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