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5 Great Gifts For Your Favorite Poker Player 2022

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It’s that time of year again! Get ready to start thinking about buying gifts for those near and dear to you. It’s been a tough couple of years for poker players, so you know your poker-playing friends and family are desperate for a little poker love.

You know who they are. She’s your sister who takes every vacation in Las Vegas. Or maybe he’s your dad who is up late playing on PokerStars every night. Now you’ve got to wrap your mind around finding them a gift. Poker Pilgrims would like to help you with suggestions for great poker gifts for the player in your life. In these tough times, don’t they deserve a little something special to help them get back into the swing of the game?

Great Poker Gifts

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Worst State to Drive Through

Throwdown Thursday: What’s the Worst State to Drive Through?

.Heather and I agree on most of the critical issues in life: communication and flexibility are core to a relationship, kindness to others should be a priority, Deadwood was the greatest television series ever, and that the answer to “Do we have a bottle of wine tonight?” should always be “No, absolutely not!” at 10am and “Where’s the corkscrew?” at 7pm.  You know, the important things.

Despite our overlap on key values, we do have our differences. Especially when it comes to driving.  We covered our different approaches to cross-country travel recently, and years ago discussed our different perspectives on whether we’d survive RV living.  Oh, and there are other bugaboos in our driving life, such as Heather’s belief that when Waze says “WTF, I didn’t know a car could go that fast!” I should probably slow down. And then there’s my soapbox speech that driving in the passing lane without passing – even on an empty highway – should be punishable by death.

One discussion that has cropped up repeatedly recently is “Which is the worst state to drive through on a long trip?”. These states are not  destinations – endpoints that may in themselves be a nightmare, like Florida.  These are states that you just endure to get somewhere else.

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Hollywood Casino at Charles Town

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races Poker Room Review

The Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races poker room, as with our recent visit to the Mount Airy poker room, was part of a larger venture to an out-of-the-way location.  We recently shared our trek through West Maryland including this short venture into West Virginia.  If you’re headed out to the Holywood Casino at Charles Town Races, you’ll likely want to plan some other activities along the way.

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town gate

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Harpers Ferry View Western Maryland

A Poker Side Trip to Western Maryland

We spent the month of October this year in Columbia, Maryland working, playing tourist, and visiting the various poker rooms in the state. One Saturday we spent a long day on a poker side trip to Western Maryland. We had a very busy day that included hikes, museums, and historical sites. We even fit in some poker at a new casino! It was an admittedly exhausting day, but lots of fun. We definitely recommend the trip for anyone interested in exploring Western Maryland with a little poker on the side.


The first stop on our Western Maryland day was Frederick, Maryland. Frederick is about an hour west of our Maryland home base of Columbia. The city is convenient to both Baltimore and Washington, DC as well. Downtown Frederick is a quaint old town dating from the Revolution. It played a significant role in the Civil War and offers such curiosities as the Civil War Medical Museum. At the other extreme, Frederick is also is packed with cute boutique shops and small cafes.

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MGM National Harbor Outside

MGM National Harbor Poker Room Review

MGM National Harbor is one of two major poker rooms in the Baltimore-Washington area. While Maryland Live! sits beside BWI airport just minutes from Baltimore, MGM is on the Maryland-Virginia line, close to Washington, DC. The newest room in the Mid-Atlantic, MGM hasn’t lost that new casino shine and comes with all of the required amenities. There are upscale restaurants, a resort hotel, and a massive shopping mall just steps away.

MGM National Harbor is just off I-95 in Oxon Hill, Maryland. The immediate response we had when walking through the door was “Wow. Fancy!” The design of this casino is slick, fresh, and extremely clean. It feels very tech-forward and new. Both on the outside and the inside, MGM National Harbor is just a beautiful casino

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