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Welcome to Poker Pilgrims! I am Heather and I have built this site with my husband Paul in order to share our thoughts, experiences, and research as we work toward a grand adventure in poker travel. If you have ever dreamed of a future in which you travel the country playing poker, this site is for you.

Paul and I are both avid poker players and travelers. It has long been our dream to travel the country, playing poker along the way. As our youngest children approach college, we can see this dream within reach and are now getting serious about planning for our journey. In the meantime, we take as many mini-pilgrimages as we can. So far we have visited South Florida, Las Vegas (we visit the WSOP almost every year), Montreal, and Tampa. We have also thoroughly explored the poker landscape in our own region of New England. In the fall of 2022, we plan to spend a month in Maryland, visiting as many Mid-Atlantic poker rooms as we can reach.

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Poker Pilgrims

Like any big plan, there are a number of components that go into making our journey a success. We, of course, need to be ready to play some poker! But we also need to save money for our journey. We also plan to learn all that we can about the best ways to travel, and the best places to visit and to play poker as we travel the country. Along the way we hope to share with you what we learn in all areas related to our journey:


Travel the Country

So far we have plotted Poker Road Trips to Las Vegas and back, and through Florida.

While the focus of this site will be poker and travel, we will also make diversions into other areas that will affect our poker pilgrimage:


  • We share tips on our journey to Financial Independence, as we plan to support our trip from the road
  • We will share our budgets, spreadsheets, and side hustle plans as we move toward the Pilgrimage


We hope that many of you, whether poker players, travelers, seekers of financial independence, or all of the above will find something here to help you on your own journey in life, wherever that may lead.

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