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Paul and I do a lot of traveling in our ongoing quest to visit poker rooms across the country. To date, we have visited (and reviewed) over 80 poker rooms in the past five years. We’re hoping to break 100 rooms in 2024, and that’s going to involve a lot of miles. Long-term travel can get pretty expensive whether you stay in hotels, Airbnbs, or other rental accommodations. Last year we came across an article about pet-sitting and discovered the joys of travel with Trusted Housesitters.

Trusted Housesitters

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How Travel with Trusted Housesitters Works

Trusted Housesitters matches animal owners with animal lovers who are looking for a place to settle in and stay for a while. As a traveler, they offer thousands of housesits all over the world. Select a sit by location, date, or type of animal that you would love to care for. No money is exchanged in the process. As a traveler, you are simply committing to be there to care for an owner’s furry friend while they are on their own adventure. Paul and I love cats and have used Trusted Housesitters to visit the beach, Connecticut, and Pittsburgh, meeting several lovely cat friends along the way. 

We are currently looking for a couple of house-sits in Texas this winter. Texas Card House, The Lodge, and 52 Social are all on our 2024 bucket list. In 2023 we spent a week in Pittsburgh via Trusted Housesitters, which enabled us to visit Rivers Casino Pittsburgh, Wheeling Island Casino, Live! Casino Pittsburgh, The Andy Warhol Museum, and more.

Labyrinth by the Allegheny River

We find that travel with Trusted Housesitters is particularly well matched with our overall lifestyle. With Trusted Housesitters we can visit a new city, stay in a comfortable home, cook for ourselves, and spend time working, all while caring for a sweet kitty. It feels good to do a favor for the traveling pet owner, and it’s a joy to have a feline companion. When the workday is done we can then explore the city and play some poker!

What Types of Housesits are Available

Trusted Housesitters offers sits all over the world for all types of animals. The majority of sits are in the US and Canada, but there are plenty in Europe and Australia. You can even find sits as far-flung as South Africa and Singapore if that’s what you’re looking for.

I would say that dogs are the most common animals listed on the site, although we have found plenty of cat sits to meet our travel needs. Some cats requiring care have special needs (last year we cared for a diabetic cat that required daily insulin shots), but many just require feeding and company. If you are interested, there are also owners looking for housesitters who can care for their horses, reptiles, or even livestock.

Owners provide full information about their accommodations, their pet(s)’ needs, and their expectations for home care. Some owners request you water their plants or take out the trash in addition to caring for their pets. Owners post pictures of their housing and pets, and details about their neighborhood so you are fully informed about the task you are taking on.

View from our housesit on the Massachusetts shore

If I Want to Travel with Trusted Housesitters, What is the Process?

The first step would be to join Trusted Housesitters. You can expect to fill out a profile describing yourself, your experience with pets, and your preferences as a housesitter. You will also need to submit identification, have it verified, and go through a background check. Next, you supply references from pet owners who can speak to your experience with animals. Finally, you will pay an annual fee, and you are ready to start searching for housesits!

If you find a housesit you are interested in, you simply send a note to the pet owner indicating your interest and sharing why you would be a great match for their pet(s). The owner then reviews the offers they receive and decides which applicant they would like to care for their pet. Often, the owner will then set up a Zoom call with the applicant to ask some questions, discuss expectations and details, and finalize the agreement for the sit.

As an exchange, Trusted Housesitters is also a great option for pet owners looking to travel as well. You can easily find trustworthy travelers to watch your beloved pet while you are away.

Next Time You Travel Give Trusted Housesitters a Try

If you love animals, and you love travel, Trusted Housesitters may be a great match for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the service. Happy pet sitting!

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