Best Tournaments in New England

The Best Tournaments in New England Right Now

Update 6/10/22: Keene Casino has moved across the street and is now Wonder Casino. They are not currently running tournaments.  For a replacement tournament, see our Dover Poker Room Review.

As we recently covered, a good poker tournament is hard to find right now. And New England is no exception. The two Massachusetts casinos (Encore Boston Harbor and MGM Springfield) have made clear that they are in no rush to return to tournament poker. The single Rhode Island Casino (Twin River) keeps promising the return of poker, but it has yet to happen. Finally, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun have finally brought tournaments back, but they are few, and have worse structures than several New Hampshire options. All of the above leaves New Hampshire as the best game in town for those seeking New England tournament poker action.

Fortunately, there are a few tournaments now running in New Hampshire that we really love. In fact, we feel quite comfortable saying that these are the three best tournaments in New England at the moment.

Filotimo Casino Monthly $240 Tournament

Filotimo Casino, the recently remodeled casino in Manchester, New Hampshire, definitely has the most poker tournament action in the state. This cardroom runs three tournaments a week, on Tuesday and Thursday evening, and Saturday afternoon. Each of these tournaments regularly draws 90 to 120 players from as far away as Connecticut and New York. The Tuesday/Thursday structures are decent and the play is good, although fairly aggressive due to the $50/$50/$50 structures. The majority of players rebuy and/or add on. So while these tournaments read as cheap, most players are firing multiple add-ons.

The tournament that puts Filotimo on the Best Tournament in New England list, however, is their monthly $240 tournament. This tournament is generally held on the last Saturday of the month at 12:30pm. However, if you want to be guaranteed a seat at the start, you will need to arrive by 11am at the latest. Many players arrive even earlier and enjoy breakfast at Filotimo’s fine restaurant, The South Side Tavern. Breakfast is only served there this one day a month and is a set meal. We have had it, and can highly recommend it.

Filotimo Casino Entrance
The new Filotimo Casino entrance

The monthly tournament at Filotimo regularly features more than 200 players from all over New England. The structure is strong, with 30-minute levels starting at 100-100 and gradual blind increases.  Players receive 40,000 starting chips with an optional $10 dealer add-on for an additional 10,000 starting chips. Big blind antes kick in at Level 3 (200-400-400).  There are no rebuys, no re-entries, and no add-ons. Prize pools are generally large, and first prize can grow to over $10,000. Additionally, Filotimo staff does an excellent job overseeing such a large tournament pool. Dealers are good, floors are attentive, and waitresses circulate frequently.

Honorable Mention: Filotimo has recently upgraded their Saturday tournament structure to rival the best in New England. The 1pm tournament has a $150 buy-in and 30 minute blind levels. The starting stack is 25k with another 10k added for a $10 dealer add-on. While the big blind ante starts in the third level, levels start moving up gradually and only accelerate at around level 9. This tournament has recently been drawing almost 200 runners with top payouts nearing $10,000. Note that this tournament is very popular, and we strongly recommend that you buy in well ahead of the tournament start to avoid being placed on the (often long) alternate list.

Boston Billiard Club and Casino $250 Tournament

The Boston Billiard Club and Casino, is a casino/pool hall/restaurant near Nashua, New Hampshire. The BBC features a well-run poker room with a lot of cash action. While the BBC has not brought back regular tournament action (largely due to the popularity of its cash poker), it has been holding an excellent $250 tournament about once a month.

Unlike Filotimo, the BBC $250 is not run on a regular schedule and does not accept alternates. This tournament is a Two Day which you must sign up for in advance. Ninety slots open about two weeks in advance of the tournament for entry on Friday and Saturday (for a total of 180 slots), or Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on holiday weekends (for a total of 270 slots). Each day plays down to a set number of players or level 14 (whichever comes first), with survivors returning for the second day of play. Again, this tournament allows no add-ons, no rebuys, and no re-entries.

Boston Billiards Poker Room Entrance
Boston Billiards Club & Casino

Players start with 50,000 chips at 100/100 with 30-minute blinds. The blind structure one of the recent tournaments can be found here. As you can see, the levels are reasonably gradual, with the big blind ante kicking in at level 6. The Boston Billiards Club is another very well-run room with excellent management, good food, and comfortable surroundings.

The sheer size and structure of this tournament make it one of the best tournaments in New England right now.


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Keene Casino Monthly $150 Deepstack  Tournament

The Keene Casino is less central than Filotimo or The Boston Billiards Club. Keene is found in the more isolated southwestern New Hampshire. As a result, Keene is a relatively sleepy cardroom, with generally smaller tournaments. However, on the last Sunday of each month, Keene features their $150 Deepstack. The Deepstack typically sees 45-80 entries, drawing from both Keene Casino regulars and other players from across the state. As with the tournaments listed above, the Deepstack allows no re-entries, add-ons, or rebuys. However, like Filotimo, Keene holds an alternate list when the tournament fills.

Keene Casino Poker Room
Keene Casino

Keene’s $150 Deepstack features a tournament structure similar to that at Filotimo casino. Players receive 40,000 chips (with optional $10 dealer add on). Blinds are 30 minutes long, start at 100/200, and feature a big blind ante starting at level 5. What’s more, level 5 is a repeat of level 4 (400/800), with only the addition of the small blind ante. Level increases are so gradual as to be almost painless. Note that this structure has recently changed. We previously lauded Keene for having a small blind ante, rather than a big. In recent months, however, they have adjusted the tournament structure to more closely match that at Filotimo.

Keene Deepstack Structure

wdt_ID Level Structure
1 1 100-200
2 2 200-400
3 3 300-600
4 4 400-800
5 Break
6 5 400-800-400
7 6 500-1,000-500
8 7 600-1,200-600
9 8 1,000-2,000-1,000
10 Break

Theoretically, there are levels beyond 15, but 15 generally gets you to the final table, and I don’t know what comes beyond! As with the rooms mentioned above, Keene has great tournament staff and good management. The kitchen recently shut down at Keene, but I’m sure a new one will move in soon.

Although smaller than the tournaments above, the Keene Casino Deepstack features one of the Best Tournaments in New England due to its incredibly playable structure.

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Other Good Tournaments in New England


Foxwoods is currently running two tournaments per week (Wednesday and Sunday).  The Wednesday tournament has a $260 buy-in, starts at 4:10pm, has a starting stack of 30,000, and features 20-minute blinds for the first 13 levels, extending to 25 minutes in level 14. The tournament is limited to 20 tables 9 handed (so 180 players). Alternates and re-buys are permitted. The structure sheet can be found here. Foxwoods tournament pools can be larger, with more money up top as a result. However, like New Hampshire they are shutting poker down at 1am, commonly leading to forced chops. Foxwood also runs a Sunday tournament for $500, with a decent structure (35,000 chips and 30-minute blinds). However, the size of the buy-in will likely deter many local tournament players.

Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun has resumed tournament poker as well. They offer a $150 tournament on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Unfortunately, the 10am weekday start limits the appeal of this tournament. Your $150 gets you only 15,000 chips, but you can buy another 5,000 with a $5 add on. Additionally, blind levels are only 20 minutes long. The timing, relatively shallow stack, and shorter blind levels all lead to the conclusion that your tournament dollar will be better spent in New Hampshire.

Mohegan Sun has recently added a Sunday tournament at 11am with a $250 buy-in. Along with the $5 dealer add on, you receive 25,000 chips. Blinds are still only 20 minutes, which is crazy for such a big buy-in. Any of our three tournament options above would be a better bet along with some of the tournaments at Lebanon Poker Room and even the (admittedly tiny) Concord Casino Sunday tournament.

Updated: 3/24/22

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