Texas Cash Poker Activity

The graphics below display the cash poker activity at each of the Texas poker rooms that report to Poker Atlas. Bravo does not track cash poker in the state of Texas. There are few to no rooms of significant size in Texas that do not report their cash activity to Poker Atlas, so we have the state fairly well covered.

The check-boxes allow you to filter each table by the location, day of week, or type of game you would like to see displayed. The slider allows you to limit the range to the average number of tables available for a specific type of game.

Across the country, poker rooms are increasingly moving from $1/$2 to $1/$3 cash tables. Some venues even have both $1/$2 and $1/$3 tables. For ease of display, we have combined all $1/$2 and $1/$3 tables and refer to them below as $1/$2.

The number of active poker tables at any venue is in constant flux. We recorded numbers between 8pm and 9pm Central time and from 2pm to 3pm on weekends. These numbers will be updated regularly in order to reflect the most recent cash table action. The current tables reflect cash play recorded in November 2022.

NOTE:  These tables are best viewed on a non-mobile device. If you are accessing this page on a Smartphone, hold the phone horizontally for easiest viewing.

Texas Cash Activity

wdt_ID site Time Game Average Tables
1 101 Poker Club Monday $1/$2 3
2 101 Poker Club Richmond Monday $1/$2 2
3 5220 Social Monday $1/$2 0
4 52 Social Monday $1/$2 1
5 Abby J Card House Monday $1/$2 0
6 Alamo Card House 2 Monday $1/$2 1
7 Alpha Social Card Club Monday $1/$2 1
8 Capri Poker Room Monday $1/$2 0
9 Doghouse Poker Club Monday $1/$2 1
10 Empire Poker Club Monday $1/$2 0
site Time Game Average Tables

For more information on cash poker activity, visit our Map of US Poker rooms, and our individual room reviews. We have tracked cash poker activity throughout the entire country in 2022. You can find poker activity by region through our Poker Room Cash Activity Map link located under poker room information in the dropdown menu on our home page.


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