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Texas Card House Dallas Poker Room Review

On our winter trip through Texas, we traveled from Austin to Dallas. We knew then that Dallas was going to have some difficulty besting our new favorite card room (The Lodge). While maybe not a new favorite, the Texas Card House Dallas poker room did at least make our Texas top three. TCH Dallas was safe, large, and clean, and offered one doozy of a tournament.

Casino Setting 

The Texas Card House Dallas is on the north side of Dallas at the intersection of Route 35E and the Route 635 loop. Being at the intersection of these two major highways, it is not surprising that the area can be pretty congested. Leave plenty of time to get there if you are trying to arrive for the start of a tournament. We wound up five minutes late for ours and ended up on the alternate list!

Texas Card House Dallas sits in a small strip mall. In fact, every room we visited in Texas was housed in a strip mall except for the Champions Club (which is in a hotel). The Texas Card House Dallas strip mall was well-kept and felt safe. The parking lot is large, but there are many spots reserved for other businesses, so take care which spot you take.

Texas Card House Dallas

Non-Poker Amenities

If you wish to learn more about how poker generally operates in Texas, read the details under the Non-Poker Amenities in the Texas Card House Houston room review. Or check out our earlier article, What’s Up with Poker in Texas Anyway?

At the Texas Card House Dallas poker room, there is no initial one-time membership fee, which is typical at many other Texas rooms. Daily fees to play are $10, or $30 for a month. If you play tournaments, you just buy into the tournament and they hold a piece of that entry fee for the house just like anywhere else. For cash, you pay a $13 per hour seat fee (and nothing comes from the pot).

TCH Dallas has a nice sitting area for those waiting to play, a small snack area, and food and drink service. Waters and soda are free, while other amenities are available for a charge.

Texas Card House Dallas Poker Room Comfort

The 26-table poker room is a very comfortable size. The room is brightly lit, minimally decorated (other than numerous medium-size TVs), and offers generous space around each table. The ceilings are high enough to create decent circulation and are a fairly typical industrial black. The temperature was comfortable and the light was bright enough to see the board across the table.

There is no smoking allowed in the room. Despite the huge gathering for our tournament and frequent chatting in the room, the sound remained at a pleasant low din.

The chairs at the Texas Card House Dallas poker room have wheels, are adjustable, are decently padded, and comfortable. The tables are attractive, clean, and branded. The tables also feature a nice padded rail, drink cups, USB ports but lack auto-shufflers.

Texas Card House Dallas

The chips, cards, and felts are all clean. Play is nine-handed, but the tables are large enough that everyone has plenty of elbow room.

Poker Room Staff

It is important to note here that the day we played was the opener for a large tournament series. There were ultimately 435 runners in the tournament. With only 26 tables, the list built to close to 200 alternates. Despite the clear overload, the tournament was run in an orderly manner and handled professionally.

The Texas Card House Dallas staff is excellent across the board. The floors were excellent and managed to keep a handle on this extremely large tournament. The dealers were skilled, professional, and friendly. The waitstaff was also friendly and incredibly fast given the load that they were dealing with.

Players at Texas Card House Dallas

Most of the players were solid and serious. Several were friendly as well. A wide mix of ages and ethnicities were represented, although as usual there were few women in the tournament. We had the great good luck of being seated at a table with the legendary TJ Cloutier. We have previously written about this experience on the Advanced Poker Training blog. Check out the article if you are interested in reading what we learned from playing with TJ Cloutier.

Tournament Structure

As of this writing, the Texas Card House Dallas offers two tournaments every day – usually one starting in the late morning and one starting in the late afternoon/early evening. Buy-ins range from $130 to around $300. Starting stacks range from 15,000 to 30,000 chips. Blinds are generally 15 or 20 minutes for the lower buy-in events, sometimes kicking up to 30 minutes for the $300 events. In tournaments below $200, Structures are decent for those price points, at around 23-27 S-points. Higher buy-ins offer better structures, in the 30s or even 40+ S-points (mostly for special events), allowing for some decent play.

In our tracking of tournament activity, the Texas Card House Dallas tournament sizes vary by day of the week, although the majority of NLH tournaments with $130-$200 buy-ins get 40-80 players. The $300 tournaments can get more in the 100-200 player range. Our tournament was special series kick off tournament and ended up with 435 entries.

Cash Game Activity

On this Tuesday night, the Texas Card House Dallas poker room was running 7 $1/$2 NLH tables, 3 $1/$2 PLO tables, and “Rebecca’s Game” – some special event with a $300-$2,000 buy-in (likely a $2/$5 event or similar). From our recent tracking of cash games (see our cash game activity update), Texas Card House Dallas generally sees 6 to 7 $1/$2 NLH tables on any evening, except Friday when they run up to 11 $1/$2 NLH tables. Most nights there will be a single table of $2/$5 as well, and 1-2 tables of PLO. They will sometimes run a table of mixed games or an NLH/PLO $1/$2 hybrid.


Overall Assessment of the Texas Card House Dallas Poker Room

The Texas Card House Dallas is an excellent and well-run room in the Texas Card House chain. The environment is pleasant and the staff performs their duties spectacularly well. We were truly impressed at how well they handled the massive flood of players for the tournament that we played. If you find yourself in Dallas, we strongly recommend this room as one to visit.

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  • Tournament Structures
  • Personnel


The Texas Card House Dallas is an excellent and well run room in the Texas Card House chain. The environment is pleasant and the staff perform their duties spectacularly well. If you find yourself in Dallas, we strongly recommend this room as one to visit.

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