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How to Find the Best Poker Tournaments in 2022

The poker world has changed greatly over the past couple of years.  Many poker rooms closed never to re-open again. By our estimate, about 24% of the rooms with 10 or more tables In the United States as of December 2019, are no longer open. Some rooms re-opened but removed tables. Many others with previously active tournament rosters either eliminated tournaments altogether or greatly reduced their number of weekly events. The result is that finding any poker tournament can be a challenge in 2022, but finding the best poker tournaments is next to impossible.

Finding the Best Poker Tournaments in 2022

Defining the best poker tournament is, of course, complex. It’s not merely about cheap buy-ins. Sure, tournaments with $20-$40 buy-ins exist. Sadly, most of those are either severely short-stacked, almost immediate shove fests that are over before you know it, or require multiple addons to be competitive (becoming a $100+ tournament pretty quickly).

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