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Rounders Card Club Poker Room Review

Our Texas poker road trip continued with a stop at San Antonio’s Rounders Card Club for a late Sunday afternoon tournament. It proved to be an interesting complement to the other San Antonio room we played: the SA Card House and a very different experience from the Houston rooms we had visited: Texas Card House Houston, Champions, and the infamous Legends. To say our Texas poker road trip was delivering in the interesting department was an understatement!

Casino Setting 

The Rounders Card Club is very conveniently located, just off of Route 10, above the 410 loop north of San Antonio. Like almost every room we visited in Texas, it is housed in a strip mall (the Champions Club is in a hotel). The Rounders building was reasonably well-kept and felt safe.

Rounders Card Club Exterior

Non-Poker Amenities

If you wish to learn more about how poker generally operates in Texas, read the details in the Non-Poker Amenities section in the Texas Card House Houston room review.

At Rounders, there is a $20 initial one-time membership fee. Daily “check-in” fees to play are then $5 (or $50 per month or $500 for year). If you play tournaments, you just buy into the tournament and they hold a piece of that entry fee for the house. If you would like to play cash, you pay a $12 per hour seat fee (and nothing is raked from the pot).

Rounders Card Club offers one seriously odd combination of other amenities. These included the increasingly rare cigarette vending machine, a golf shot game (see above), and a…barbershop which offers the Bad Beat Haircut. In the less bizarre realm, there is a small coffee bar area from which the waitresses brought players food. The menu was actually fairly extensive, with appetizers, pizza, sandwiches, and full entrees like steak and sea bass.

Rounders Card Club Poker Room Comfort

The 31-table poker room is a bit cramped with all of those tables filling a fairly small footprint. The walls and carpeting are very simple, neutral tones. The ceilings are high and the lighting is bright, if a bit on the industrial, fluorescent side.

There is no smoking allowed in the room. The room was fairly noisy the day we were there. There were a number of simultaneous tournaments running with lots of discussion and not great acoustics.

Rounders Card Club Table

The chairs at Rounders Card Club have wheels, are adjustable, are decently padded, and comfortable. The tables are very, very orange, clean, and branded. The tables also feature a nice padded rail and drink cups, but lack USB ports or auto-shufflers.

The chips, cards, and felts are all clean. Oddly the cards are not branded. Play is nine-handed, but the tables were large enough that everyone had plenty of elbow room.

A couple of masseuses were very active the entire time we were there. One of the oddities at Rounders is that the men’s restroom is staffed by attendant and features a large bowl of candy. Let’s just say that this level of service did not match the overall feel of the venue.

Poker Room Staff

The Rounders Card Club staff was solid. Floors seemed to run the tournament fairly well, despite the fact that there were at least two other tournaments running simultaneously. The dealers are competent, friendly and do not shy away from bantering with players. The cut cards featured cute sayings like “Dealer death” and “It’s always my fault.” Wait staff moved quickly and seemed to be providing good table service.

Players at Rounders Card Club

Unlike most rooms we played in Texas, the players skewed fairly young. Nonetheless, a variety of ages were represented, with a reasonable ethnic mix. As usual across Texas, there were very few women playing in the room. Play was fairly standard, but there were a couple of seriously wild, aggressive players at both of our tables.

Tournament Structure

As of this writing, the Rounders Card Club offers 2-3 tournaments every day, most well under $100 entry fees. There are a few that range from $100 to $160 buy-ins. Starting stacks range from 12,000 to 60,000 chips and blinds are either 15 or 20 minutes. Most of the smaller buy-in tournaments feature add-on options. The structures are not terrible even at lower price points. The worst were still in the high 20s for S-points. They still felt quite fast and aggressive which seemed to be due to the aggressive play, with frequent re-entries and add-ons.

In our tracking of tournament activity, the Rounders Card Club tournaments get about 30-50 players for the small buy-in events, and around 80 for the larger buy-ins. Our Sunday Afternoon 4:00pm tournament ended up with 47 entries. There was also a $160 tournament that started earlier in the day that garnered 52 players and a 10K guarantee.

Cash Game Activity

On the Sunday afternoon we were there, the Rounders Card Club was running 6 $1/$2 NLH tables, 1 $1/$3 table, 1 $5/$5 Big O table, and 1 $10/$25 NLH game that was being shown on their streaming feed. From our recent tracking of cash games (see our cash game activity update), Rounders generally sees 4 to 7 $1/$2 of $1/$3 tables on any evening or on the weekend. They’ll often also have a table or two of something else such as a mixed NLH/PLO game, or as with when we were here a $5/$5 Big O or higher stakes $10/$25 NLH game.


Overall Assessment of the Rounders Poker Club Room

The Rounders Poker Club offers an entertaining and quirky experience with some seriously unusual amenities and poker tournament structures. From the barbershop to the bathroom attendant, Rounders offers some very idiosyncratic experiences. The tournament structures for the low buy-in event are pretty freewheeling, as are several of the players. However, the staff is solid and the play was fine for the event we played. If you’re in San Antonio, Rounders is definitely one of the two rooms to visit, along with SA Card House.

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  • Tournament Structures
  • Personnel


The Rounders Poker Club offers an entertaining and quirky experience with some seriously unusual amenities and poker tournament structures. From the barbershop to the bathroom attendant, Rounders offers some very idiosyncratic experiences.

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