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Creating our All-New Website with Resources for the Traveling Poker Player

More than five years ago, Paul and I created PokerPilgrims to detail our hopes and dreams as we planned for a year-long poker pilgrimage. While we were both poker players at that time, work and family obligations limited our travel time and our ability to play poker outside our home region of New England. We created this blog to help us work through our future plans, and in the process began gathering resources for the traveling poker player. Players like ourselves!

In 2020, the world changed. Poker shut down throughout much of the country, tournaments were curtailed or became prohibitively expensive, and our lives changed in innumerable ways. In 2021 when we started taking our first mini-pilgrimages (or poker road trips), we began to re-envision our future plans and thus the shape of this website.

In the following years, we have traveled the country extensively on a variety of poker road trips, reviewed close to 80 poker rooms, tracked average numbers of both cash poker tables and regular weekly poker tournaments, and so much more.

Today we have over 200 posts on topics ranging from poker lifestyle to poker training to travel. We even have a few Throwdown Thursdays where we engage in humorous debates about all things poker and life.

Map of US Card Rooms - Resources for the Traveling Poker Player

We Re-Focus on Resources for the Traveling Poker Player

Recently, we looked at each other and realized that we are no longer just writing a blog. We are hosting a significant and unique resource for traveling poker players. While Bravo Poker Live or Poker Atlas (two resources we value greatly) can tell you how many cash tables are being spread at MGM National Harbor right now, they will not tell you how many are typically spread on a Saturday afternoon. And while those resources will tell you what tournaments are happening in your area tonight, they will not tell you how many entries any tournament typically sees. They will also not tell you whether the structure is favorable or unfavorable to the serious player.

PokerPilgrims does. It’s time to share that information in a format that is easy to locate and convenient for the inquisitive poker player. To that end, we are working over the next two weeks to transform PokerPilgrims from a blog with some helpful resources into a website with resources for the traveling poker player.

Never fear, the blog will still exist. You can always find our latest post at the bottom of the home page. And you can always use the search screen to find our thoughts on any topic that interests you. We’re not getting rid of the blog, we are merely refocusing our home page to offer our resources up front.

Wish us luck and come back in March to see how we’ve grown!

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