Dover Poker Room

Dover Poker Room Review

The Dover Poker Room is one of the newest poker rooms on the New Hampshire poker scene. Despite being less than 2 years old, it has already gone through a substantial renovation that just finished a few days before our visit. Dover is run by the same management group as several other prominent New Hampshire rooms (Filotimo (Manchester), Keene, and Lebanon). Clearly, the hope here was to bring back a well-rounded poker room close to the New Hampshire seacoast. We were eager to see if Dover would be a satisfactory tournament replacement to the now-defunct Hampton Falls and the cash only Brook.

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Cross Country Road Trip: Las Vegas to Boston

We recently shared the details of our cross-country poker road trip from Boston to Las Vegas. On that journey, we mainly followed Route 80 across the northern part of the United States, visiting multiple poker rooms along the way. For our return to Boston in November, we chose a more southern route, largely following Route 40 back to the East Coast. After a poker-packed month in Las Vegas, we also decided to focus on the sights, rather than more poker for our return home. We will visit any poker rooms that we missed along the way on a future trip. The current post describes our adventures traveling across the South.

As with our previous road trip, we had a very carefully thought-out plan…which we then completely reconfigured. We learned during our September poker road trip to Las Vegas that moving quickly across the country with long drives every day can be tiring. So on our way home we decided to take it slower. Many of our days featured short drives, and we chose to stay two nights in a couple of our destinations to get some more time to explore.

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Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club

Daytona Beach Poker Room Review

The Daytona Beach Poker Room (the Daytona Beach Racing and Card Club officially, but we’re going with the brief version here) is conveniently located less than a half-hour from our AirBnB in Ormond Beach.  We knew we’d have to fight the infamous Florida traffic to get there, but we were hoping that Daytona would prove to be a somewhat better experience than we have had at the other venues on this trip: Creek Entertainment Gretna, Ebro, and Ocala.

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Month in Las Vegas

How to Spend a Month in Las Vegas

One of our bucket list items has always been to spend a month in Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker. The problem was that we could not imagine spending a month in 100-degree heat during June and July when the WSOP has been traditionally held. That kind of extended heat exposure is just not our thing. Then, in one of the many twists of these bizarre times, the 2021 WSOP was moved to the fall. Suddenly, everything fell into place. Our two youngest children had just entered college, our primary jobs are portable, and we had saved up enough for the trip. So, last October, Vegas it was! We chose to drive to Vegas, in order to have our car. You can read about our poker road trip from Boston to Las Vegas.

Where to Stay

The array of hotel options at various price points in Las Vegas is obviously endless. However, if you’re spending a month in Las Vegas and are at all worried about cost, you’re going to want to look for a condo rental via AirBnB, Vrbo, or other rental site. The two primary advantages of renting are: 1) the cost per night will be much lower for the quality you can get, and 2) having a kitchen will save you a lot of money. An extra bonus is the lack of Resort Fees, that are very difficult to escape in Vegas hotels these days. In our Airbnb on West Flamingo Ave, we ate most breakfasts and lunches at home. We also cooked 2-3 dinners a week, plus leftovers.

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