Trip Status

Trip Status Update – 2/1/23

After a number of shorter Pilgrimages, such as Las Vegas in 2021, Florida, and Maryland in 2022, and currently Florida again in 2023, we have decided that we get great pleasure from shorter road trips (4 to 6 weeks) interspersed with time at home.

In the next few weeks we will be transforming Poker Pilgrims into a website for the travel-loving poker player. We have gathered a huge store of resources which allow us to offer a Map of All US Poker Rooms, tables displaying the number of active cash poker tables by day across the country, and finally, regular tournament action throughout the country. We continue to blog here as well, writing room reviews as we play, sharing travel tips, and recommending poker road trips.

If you have any questions, recommendations or requests from us, head over to our About Us page and fill out the form.

Trip Status Update – 4/11/21

We’ve come a long way, baby. We pretty much ended up using our blog as our trip status update over the past four years. Most recently, we shared our current plan for our final non-pilgrimage year, here. Our youngest are heading off to college in the fall and we will be making a sort of soft launch. We will be taking a number of longer poker trips over the next year as we solve many of the logistical issues of spending full-time on the road.

Most recently, we looked into the tax implications of working outside of our home state of Massachusetts.

We also need to figure out our mail situation, how we will ensure internet access on the road, and any health insurance implications.

In the next year we also plan to rent an RV for a brief vacation to help us decide whether we will be travelling by RV or AirBnB/VRBO once we hit the road for real.

In the meantime, we have a lot of exciting trips planned for the next year!


Trip Status Update


Trip Status Update – 10/21/17

Our inaugural status update! Hooray!  The current update is that we are early in the planning stages for our Poker Pilgrimage. We have a preliminary route plan, and an initial placeholder budget:

Monthly Budget CategoryAmountNotes
Lodging1800Assumes $60/night at VRBO or AirBNB
FIOS0No cable
Utilities0No Utilities
Phone / Internet Access150Need to Explore Options
Health Insurance (couple)1200Need to Explore Options
Car Insurance (1 car)60
Groceries300Need to estimate
Gas400Need to calculate
Car Property Tax50
Dining600Need to estimate
Entertainment200Need to estimate
Household0No household!
Poker1000Need to estimate
Emergency Fund100

We have currently saved $538 toward our bankroll (also to be discussed soon!) and are launching our planning and exploration blog Poker Pilgrims next week.

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  • Tournament Structures
  • Personnel