About Us

Our Pilgrimage

Welcome to our Poker Pilgrimage!

Our names are Paul and Heather. We are both avid poker players with a love for travel. Our dream is to spend a year traveling the country, seeing the sights, and visiting every decent poker room that we find along the way. A poker pilgrimage, if you may. Our current target date for this journey is 2020, the year when the youngest of our collective four children (two each from prior marriages) have departed for college and no longer need our doting presences in their daily lives.

In the meantime, we plan.

PokerPilgrims is where we will share our progress as we learn about casinos and card rooms across the country, plan our route, find accommodations, and prepare financially and logistically for this year long trip.

We are currently working to assemble a map of poker rooms across the country, complete with details and reviews. We hope that this resource will be as useful to others as it will be to us. Eventually, we will open it up for others to share their poker room reviews as well.

Of course once we begin our journey, we will share our experiences (both poker and personal) along the way.

So come back regularly to see what’s new as we work toward our Poker Pilgrimage!


If you have any questions for us or want to contact us for any reason, just fill out the form below: