About Our Poker Pilgrimage

Our Pilgrimage

Welcome to our Poker Pilgrimage!

Our names are Paul and Heather. We are both avid poker players with a love for travel. Our dream is to spend our time traveling the country, seeing the sights, and visiting every decent poker room that we find along the way. A poker pilgrimage, if you may. While we originally envisioned spending a full year in such pursuits, the pandemic (like so many things) has led to a slight change of focus. Currently we are taking mini-trips each year to further explore poker-rich regions of the country. In the past year we have taken extended trips to Las Vegas and Florida. This fall we plan to spend notable time in Maryland, visiting a number of mid-Atlantic poker rooms.

About Our Poker Pilgrimage
Yep, that’s us at our recent New Orleans wedding.

In the meantime, we plan. We save money. We work on our game. And we play an awful lot of poker together.

We hope to offer a full-service site for poker players and poker travelers. We are maintaining a map of all US (and a few Canadian) Poker Rooms, writing reviews of poker rooms as we experience them, our thoughts on what it means to live a poker lifestyle, are tracking cash play across the country (see our header under poker resources), and are currently working on a system to rate tournament structures.

Of course we will share our experiences along the way.

So come back regularly to see what’s new as we continue our Poker Pilgrimage!


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