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Our 5 Most Popular Articles of 2023

At the end of the year we like to look back and review our most popular articles. By popular, we simply mean the articles that have gotten the most hits in the calendar year. Of course, as a resource-rich website, we have several pages that would be part of the top 5 if we counted them. The perennial number 1 page is our Map of Poker Rooms across the country. Our map page got a whopping 14,968 views this year. It was number one by a wide margin.

Other pages with a notable number of hits include our Home Page (of course), our Poker Room Cash Activity page, and our Poker Room Reviews page. All of the above are great resources and we are glad to see that people are checking them out.

Now, here are the articles on our website that received the most hits in 2023. Note that articles written earlier in the year (or even in a previous year) have more opportunity for exposure over time. None of the below were written in the second half of the year. Maybe some of those will end up in our most popular articles of 2024!

The Five Best Places to Live if You Love Poker

Back in May, we identified the Five Best Places to Live if You Love Poker 2023. This article led to the biggest one-week spike in visitors of the year. It was an update of a similar article that we wrote a couple of years ago (pre-COVID). That post would have been number 2 on the list if I didn’t deem it redundant.

However, it’s interesting to see how things change over time. Our beloved New England featured high in our original piece but has fallen completely off the list in the past couple of years since the takeover of New Hampshire poker rooms by national concerns. This has led to the introduction of slots in New Hampshire, a de-emphasis on poker, and a drought of tournament poker in the region. Meanwhile, Texas gets nary a mention in the original article but features in our 2023 effort, as we have learned so much more about poker in the state. In fact, this winter Texas will be the focus of our next Poker Road Trip.

Harrah’s Cherokee Poker Room Review

This is an odd one. We wrote the Harrah’s Cherokee Poker Room Review way back in February of 2022. It is one of close to 100 room reviews on our site. Yet for the past two years, this piece has been our most popular room review by far. Harrah’s is a relatively small room in the middle of the North Carolina mountains. It is NOT easy to get to, and once you do, it is not terribly rewarding.

Admittedly, it is one of the very few poker rooms in the Southeast portion of the US (at least until you get down to Florida). But the review’s continued popularity has always been a bit of a head-scratcher. Other top review articles, such as the Venetian Poker Room Review, MGM National Harbor Room Review, and the Encore Boston Harbor Room Review make more sense. They are destination poker rooms that host a huge number of players each year. But Cherokee? Let us know if you can figure it out.

Harrah Cherokee

Poker Games List

This is an interesting one. We wrote the Poker Games List article as an experiment in SEO. We researched terms that would draw hits and even got AI suggestions for the title. Thus the odd post name and slightly off-topic focus of the article. Rather than sharing our knowledge about poker activity, travel, or finance, we wrote a simple piece about the many varieties of poker being played across the country. Clearly, this was a success from an SEO standpoint. What we discovered is that we would rather write pieces about tournament structure and great poker gifts, damn the SEO.

You Can’t Escape the Poker Rake

You Can’t Escape the Poker Rake is the oldest article to hit the top 5 most popular articles in 2023. Paul wrote it back in 2019. This one (unlike the Harrah’s Cherokee Room Review) doesn’t surprise me. It is an excellent explanation of poker rake, why you should care about the amount of rake at a given room, and how to minimize your losses to rake. This article is evergreen content that I would recommend to all new players (or those who have never bothered to understand why rake matters). I am very glad to see it on the list and hope players continue to access it for years to come.

Best Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas

Ultimate Guide to the Best Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas

Finally, we have the Ultimate Guide to the Best Poker Tournaments in Las Vegas. This piece got a little SEO nudge in titling, but otherwise stands on its own. We have focused this year on sharing assessments of poker tournaments across the country. Both with articles like this, the Best Poker Tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic, and with more general articles like the Ultimate Guide to Poker Tournament Structure, Regional Differences in Poker Tournaments, and What Makes a Good Poker Tournament? This is a topic that consistently fascinates us, so expect to see more of the same in 2024.

So that’s it. Our top 5 most popular articles in 2023. I can’t wait to come back in a year and see what people are reading in 2024!

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