New England Poker Tournament Activity

Welcome to our summary of tournament poker activity in New England. The data in the table below ha been gathered from various sources for weekly poker tournaments in New England. We are only including rooms that held tournaments at the time we collected the data (updated January 2023) and feature at least six poker tables. We are also only including regular (daily or weekly) tournaments at this time. If you do not see a room it’s likely because it is either too small or did not have tournaments running at that time of collection.

As our opening caveat: tournaments change all the time AND occasionally the information available online is not always 100% accurate. However, our experience has been that for most rooms the information here will be pretty close.  But we always suggest you double-check with the room about their current schedule, buy-ins, structure etc., if you are visiting a new room. Just because a tournament existed when we collected this information does not mean it still exists three months later. Or has the same structure.

Most rooms do maintain some consistency over time. The table below displays typical buy-in sizes, frequency of tournaments, rake, and, where available, the average number of entries. We have also calculated tournament S points. If you are not familiar with S points, basically the higher the better (i.e., you get more hours of play to final table and more time before the all-in shovefest starts). However, S points will not be your only consideration. For example, you might see a $100 tournament with 34 S points and a $400 for 41 S points. There is more play in the latter, but is it worth it to you for $300 more if your bankroll can’t support a lot of $400 buy-ins? You can go here for an explanation of the S-point calculation and use the calculator yourself if you want. We calculated the below with the information available to us at the time of publication.

Using the filters above the table, you can select the buy-in, tournament sizes, etc. you are interested in.

NOTE:  These tables are best viewed on a non-mobile device. If you are accessing this page on a Smartphone, hold the phone horizontally for the easiest viewing.

New England Tournament Activity

wdt_ID Room Day Start Time Average Number of Entries Type Buy-In Rake% Starting Stack Blind Length S Points
1 Concord Casino Sunday 01:00 PM 12 NLH 160 25 40,000 20 0
2 Concord Casino Tuesday 06:00 PM 0 NLH Bounty 90 29 40,000 20 0
3 Concord Casino Friday 06:00 PM 0 NLH 85 32 35,000 20 0
4 Lakes Region Casino Saturday 01:00 PM 0 NLH 110 28 40,000 20 0
5 Lakes Region Casino Friday 06:00 PM 0 NLH 160 25 35,000 15 0
6 Lakes Region Casino Wednesday 05:00 PM 0 NLH 100 30 30,000 20 0
7 Lebanon Poker Room Friday 06:00 PM 0 NLH 150 20 50,000 30 0
8 Northwoods Casino Friday 06:30 PM 0 NLH 40 40 30,000 12 0
9 Northwoods Casino Thursday 06:30 PM 0 NLH 40 40 30,000 12 0
10 Northwoods Casino Wednesday 06:30 PM 0 NLH Bounty 50 36 30,000 12 0
Room Day Average Number of Entries Type Buy-In Starting Stack Blind Length S Points