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Mount Airy Poker Room Review

The Mount Airy poker room is likely not on many poker players’ radar. It’s not near a major city – unless you’re a big fan of The Office, and an admirer of Scranton PA. Mount Airy is a modest size room, with only 12 tables and does not currently offer tournaments. However, since we were in the area visiting a friend, we decided to drop by. We have previously visited the nearby Mohegan Sun Pocono, which has some similarities to Mount Airy.

Setting and Non-Poker Amenities

The Mount Airy poker room is located off Route 611 in Mt. Pocono Pennsylvania. It is not far from the larger thoroughfares of 80 and 380.  The surroundings are beautiful with hills, grass and trees everywhere. In fact, there are walking trails right across the street from the casino, and a golf course that wraps around the facility. When you initially drive into the complex, finding the main entrance to the casino is tricky, but drive around to the back and there is a triangular roof over a small parking area next to a casino entrance (through a Starbucks).

Mount Airy is a full-service casino with hundreds of slot machines and at least 50 table games, including six roulette tables. The primary gaming area is one large room ringed by restaurants, the poker room, and sportsbook. There are also separate high limit slots and table game rooms. The casino does allow smoking in the gaming area, and smoke was a significant presence in the main room. The casino was fairly active on the early Saturday afternoon we were there.

The Mount Airy casino has an attached hotel which looks pretty nice from the pictures online and from what we could see in our brief visit. The casino offers several dining options, including casual options including a Starbucks, a pizzeria, and a buffet, and upscale spots like a noodle/sushi bar, an Italian steakhouse, and a Guy Fieri’s joint. The complex also houses a performance arena with such acts as the 60s band War and Abba-mania.

Mount Airy Casino Fountain

The sportsbook shares space with the poker room. The sportsbook area features several large TVs, comfortable chairs, and a bar.

Mount Airy Poker Room Comfort

The Mount Airy poker room sits in a separate room from the casino with a wide entrance. While the poker room is non-smoking, the casino at large allows smoking. Although the smoke was quite notable in the casino, the smell did not appear to waft into the poker room. However, the noise from the casino floor and the TVs from the sports book (housed in the same space), was audible, although not incredibly loud. You could easily hear the banter around the table.

The poker room contains 12 well-spaced tables, and the room is airy (no pun intended). The room is very bright overall and the tables are well-lit. The ceilings were generous with a vaulted center area. The grey/whites/black color scheme gave the room a modern and relaxed feel.

The tables feature auto-shufflers, padded rails, drink cups, and USB ports. The room is quite clean and the felts are in good shape. However, there was a fair amount of crumbs and other debris on the table. The felts, chips, and cards are all branded. The chips could use a good clean, as many had some grime on them. The cards had small faces and were a bit flimsy.

The chairs were extremely comfortable. Although they did not have arms, they were extremely well-padded, adjustable, and wheeled.  Also,  the tables did not feel overly tight, despite being 10-handed.

Poker Room Staff

The front desk and floor staff at the Mount Airy poker room were mellow and polite. The dealers were solid to very good. One dealer was an older gentleman who was a tad slow but knew what he was doing. Another dealer was one of the fastest and most skilled I have seen. He was also extremely friendly and personable. At one point he politely educated a player about not moving his whole stack over the betting line when making a call.  Wait staff circulated regularly and seemed attentive.

Players at Mount Airy Poker Room

The players at the Mount Airy poker room were friendly and fairly casual in their approach. Players were a mix of local regulars and tourists. There was friendly good natured banter at the table. In general, the players at my table were loose passive, with a lot of pre-flop limping and somewhat puzzling flop and turn calls to large bets. People with weak top pairs and all draws stayed in hands to the bitter end. The play felt more like a PLO game than $1/$2 no limit hold’em.  A couple of players were appropriately aggressive, taxing people for their loose play, and took down several large pots. One player straddled every time he was UTG.

The player immediately to my left was in his 60s but seemed new to the game. He folded his unopened big blind pre-flop on one hand and then on the next hand open-folded when he was first to act on flop. He also bet out of turn regularly. About half the players in the room were over 60, but there were a couple of younger players as well as a couple of women. 


Mount Airy Poker Room


Cash Play Activity

There were three $1/$2 tables running on the early Saturday afternoon we visited Mount Airy. On weekday evenings, Mount Airy generally gets 2 to 3 tables of $1/$2 and a rare $2/$5 table.  The weekend volume does not increase generally, staying at 2-3 tables of $1/$2, with a more reliable table of $2/$5 as well. According to Bravo, the room solely features hold’em. If you are interested in cash poker play in the region, be sure to check out our Poker Room Cash Activity Map.

The Mount Airy poker room is a pleasant spot to drop in and play some cash if you find yourself in the Poconos.Click To Tweet

There was a high hand every two hours on this particular Saturday and an ongoing bad beat jackpot.

Tournament Structures

There are no regular tournaments running at the Mount Airy poker room at this time.

Overall Assessment of Mount Airy Poker Room

The Mount Airy poker room is a pleasant spot to drop in and play some cash if you find yourself in the Poconos. However, it certainly is not a destination spot for poker. While the poker room is pleasant, as are the dealers and players, there is a fairly low volume of action.  The casino in general is similar: nice enough but not a lot that distinguishes it from most other moderate sized casinos. However, the area around the casino is beautiful. Mount Airy may be a good fit for the outdoors-loving poker player looking for a casual low-intensity game between hiking, fishing, and nature viewing.

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The Mount Airy poker room is a pleasant spot to drop in and play some cash if you find yourself in the Poconos. However, it certainly is not a destination spot for poker. While the poker room is pleasant, as are the dealers and players, there is a fairly low volume of action.

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