Mohegan Sun Poker Room

Mohegan Sun Poker Room Review

Updated: 11/4/2023

Mohegan Sun moved its poker room in 2019 and subsequently reduced tables and changed tournament offerings in 2021 and 2022. We recently stopped in for a visit to play a tournament and update this review. Previous to the move, having to wind through the Casino of the Sky and the Casino of the Wind, to find the poker room wasn’t an easy task. You had to pay pretty close attention to the signs at every bend. The journey was always worth it, as the Mohegan Sun poker room always provided a top-notch experience. However, the decision to move across the casino near the Autumn entrance, convenient to both the Indian Summer and RiverView garages, made access to the room much better.

Mohegan Sun Setting

Mohegan Sun sits in the woods of Southeastern Connecticut right off of I-395 and not far from I-95. It’s very convenient to access, more so than its nationally recognized nearby rival Foxwoods which is farther off I-395 toward the Rhode Island border. Conveniently, if you want to sample both poker rooms, they are only about a 15-minute drive from one another. Mohegan Sun’s setting is slightly less scenic than Foxwoods, but you definitely know you are far from any large cities here. Nonetheless, you can reach several beautiful Connecticut and Rhode Island beach towns and coastal communities in under 30 minutes. One of our personal favorites is Mystic, Connecticut which is worth visiting in its own right.

Non-Poker Amenities

The Mohegan Sun casino is a large full-service casino with a variety of gaming, entertainment, and dining options. The Connecticut WNBA team plays its home games here in the summer and top comedy and music acts visit on a weekly basis. There are many great dining choices at Mohegan. Jasper White’s Summer Shack, however, is our favorite. The clam chowder, fried shrimp plate, and fried chicken are all very good. Oh, and there is a Ben & Jerry’s on-site as well.

Mohegan Sun Poker Room
Mohegan Sun by joevare

Mohegan Sun Poker Room Comfort

Unlike some casino poker rooms dropped amidst the hustle and bustle of slot machines and table games, the Mohegan Sun poker room has its own space. One enters through glass doors into a room with high ceilings and well-spaced tables. To the left lies a bar with video poker built-in. And right in the front of the room sits an area with automatic baccarat and roulette machines.

The decor is pleasant. The room is hung with faux animal skins featuring the name of Native American tribes. The entire room has a nice look and feel, with rounded corners in the front and back of the room. Because it is closed off from the casino floor, and further buffered by a no-smoking slots area, the air quality is excellent. The acoustics in the room are also excellent. The room was filled with cash  and tournament players the day we were there, but never felt too loud.  The only small drawback is that the lighting is a bit dim in some spots.

The chairs are adjustable, without arms, well-padded, and comfortable. The tables are generously sized with felts that are in good shape and clean. The chips and cards were also of high quality.

Mohegan Sun Poker Room Staff

We have played both cash and tournaments at the Mohegan Sun poker room over the years.  We have consistently found the dealers to be professional and skilled. They rarely make errors or seem uncertain, and the built-in card shufflers move the action along briskly. While the aftermath of the pandemic has impacted the personnel at some rooms, Mohegan Sun appears to have maintained an excellent staff.

Serving staff is attentive in seeking drink orders, circulating frequently and delivering promptly. Among the free drinks on offer are milkshakes. Get one. They are surprisingly good for a casino freebie.

Players at the Mohegan Sun Poker Room

Mohegan Sun draws a pretty wide variety of player skill. One ATM machine at a cash table I played re-bought a stack of $100 five times during my three hours playing. There was no apparent limit to the hands he would play.  There were also a couple of very skilled players who extracted maximum value from their made hands, rarely showing down poorly. Tournament players likewise range from novice to skilled grinders.

Mohegan Sun New Poker Room

Tournament Structures

Mohegan Sun’s tournament offerings, as with so many other casinos are finally starting to bounce back after a long downswing since the pandemic. They are back up to seven tournaments a week, with two on Fridays. Most of their tournaments still have reasonable buy-ins (most ranging from $150 to $250) with decent structures (such as $150 Monday morning tournaments with a 15K starting stack and 20-minute blinds).  As we have seen elsewhere, the buy ins are just a bit higher and the structures a bit worse than they used to be. The tournaments we have played at Mohegan Sun tend to have a fairly wide range of player skill and an equally wide range of player attitudes, with some welcoming and gregarious, and others visibly irritated by what they consider the poor play of others.

Mohegan Sun has always provided a high-quality poker experience, but its tournaments are just a bit harder to find.Click To Tweet

Cash Game Activity

As of November 4, the Mohegan Sun poker room is back up to 30 tables total. Cash activity runs about 7-11 $1/$2 NLH cash tables and 3-5 $2/$5 tables on most weekdays. On weekends there will be 10-12 $1/$2 tables, peaking on Saturday night. Check out our cash activity tables to see the number and spread of cash poker activity in the area. Mohegan Sun occasionally gets some limit Hold’em games going, higher limits, or other poker variants. In general, if you want high limit games, Omaha, or other poker variants, head over to Foxwoods or Encore Boston Harbor. They continue to dominate that scene in this immediate area.



Mohegan Sun has always provided a high-quality poker experience, and weathered the pandemic well. If you are a poker player visiting New England, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods should be priority destinations. Right now, if I had to pick one, Mohegan Sun wins out. Large, airy, comfortable and filled with lots of extra amenities, this is one of the best poker spaces we have seen.

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  • Tournament Structures
  • Personnel


Mohegan Sun provides a quality poker experience amidst a large casino setting in an area that is convenient to Hartford, Providence, RI, and the Connecticut and Rhode Island shores. If you are a poker player visiting New England, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods should be priority destinations.

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