Las Vegas Cash Poker Tables

Las Vegas Cash Poker

When visiting Las Vegas to play some cash poker, a variety of questions might be asked to help direct you to the ideal venue. How many cash poker tables will you find downtown on a Tuesday night? Where can you find a good game of Pot Limit Omaha on the Strip? Which rooms are the favorites of high rollers? If you are a cash poker player, this rundown of Las Vegas cash poker tables will help you find a room that fits your needs.

Editor: Updated numbers for Las Vegas Cash Play can be found in the Nevada table of our Poker Room Cash Activity Map.

Over the summer, we collected cash poker table numbers across New England and shared them in our new table format. We’ve now moved on to Las Vegas, both the Strip and surrounding areas. All venues reporting cash poker numbers to either PokerAtlas or Bravo Poker are covered here. Refer to our Nevada Cash Poker Table page for details on the counts and our data collection methodology.

In the meantime, on to the fun stuff. When we evaluated the Las Vegas Cash Poker scene, what did we find?

The Las Vegas Cash Poker Scene

Note: For the purposes of this analysis, The Rio and The Orleans are being included with Las Vegas Strip casinos despite the fact that, being a couple of blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard, they are not technically on the Strip.

Las Vegas Cash Poker Tables

Las Vegas Offers Numerous Options for Cash Poker

There are 25 different poker rooms in Las Vegas reporting their numbers online. Fifteen of these are on the Strip, with the remaining ten downtown or in the general Vegas environs. Las Vegas has a poker room for every taste. If you want big loud rooms with lots of bustle, you’ll find them. If you want quiet, Vegas has that too.

On any given weeknight there are 130 tables or more of cash poker being played around the city. On weekends, that number grows to over 150. Our numbers were taken during October 2019, a typically slow time for Vegas. So whenever you visit Vegas, the volume of cash poker will likely be in this range or higher.

What Are the Minimum Blinds?

Most Las Vegas poker rooms offer $1/$2 No Limit Hold ‘Em. However, The Venetian, Wynn, Aria, Bellagio and Orleans offer $1/$3 as their minimum blind level. One casino provides an even cheaper option: Sam’s Town on Boulder Highway has a .50/$1 NLH table running almost every night of the week.

Five Locations on the Strip Host Two Thirds of Vegas’ Cash Poker Action

Five casinos on the Las Vegas Strip dominate the cash poker scene. The Orleans, Bellagio, Aria, Venetian, and Wynn are the major players for Las Vegas cash poker. Close to 70% of the cash poker tables active at any one moment in Vegas (whether weekday evening or weekend afternoon) are being played in one of these five rooms. If you are looking for volume, these venues will not steer you wrong. We’ve reviewed three of these rooms (accessed by the links above), and will be covering the other two on our next trip to Vegas.

Off Strip, South Point and Red Rock Casino both boast healthy numbers of tables as well. With an average of 8 tables each on weeknights and 7 to 10 on weekends, these venues are good alternatives if the Strip is too much of a hassle for you.

So those are the big 7. What about the other 18? They are a mix of small and medium-sized rooms, most with three to five tables on any given night. Caesar’s Palace on the Strip and the Golden Nugget and Boulder Station off Strip have the healthiest showings of the second tier and are definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

A Number of Venues Rarely Reach More than Two Tables

At the other end of the spectrum, there are four casinos on the strip and two off Strip where you will rarely find more than a table or two of action. The Rio, Bally’s, Mandalay Bay, and Harrah’s on the Strip all report a table or two (almost exclusively $1/$2 NLH) at any given time. Of course, the Rio hosts the biggest event in all of poker, the WSOP, during the summer months.  So if you’re in Las Vegas in June, the Rio is an excellent cash option. You’ll just want to head around the back to the convention center to find a good game. Off Strip, Cannery Casino and Westgate are also consistently sleepy.

Note that due to their lack of activity, we have excluded these six casinos from our Las Vegas Cash Poker Table page.

If You Want to Play Omaha, Head to the Orleans

We were interested to learn that Omaha play is really concentrated in a couple of Las Vegas poker rooms. First and foremost, The Orleans dominates Las Vegas Omaha. With an average of 5 to 7 Omaha tables every evening, the Orleans should be the first stop for any Omaha player visiting Las Vegas.

The Aria, while not as active as the Orleans, also generally has 2 to 4 Omaha tables running. At the Wynn, you will typically find one. There is nowhere else on the Las Vegas strip where you can expect to find a single Omaha table at any given time..

Off Strip only two casinos, Boulder Station and Santa Fe Station, reliably run 2 to 4 Omaha tables. You will generally not find Omaha elsewhere away from the Las Vegas Strip

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Bellagio’s Got the Big Games Every Night of the Week

If you are looking for something other than $1/$2 or $2/$5 NLH or Omaha, the Bellagio and the Orleans are the places to be on the Strip. Off Strip, you will find the greatest variety of games at Red Rock Casino and South Point.

Most of these “Other” poker games are Limit Hold ‘Em. The Bellagio, however, hosts many of the biggest games you’ll find in Vegas. On any given weeknight you might find a table of $40/$80 or $75/$150 No Limit. One evening when we checked, Bellagio even had two $200/$400 mixed games running. The Wynn and Aria poker rooms both run occasional big games as well, but Bellagio is your best bet to find them on any given night.


Las Vegas is one of America’s top cash poker destinations. With over 130 tables of cash poker running on any given weeknight, and even more on weekends, variety abounds. The wise poker player will select their Las Vegas cash poker venue carefully. We hope that our Las Vegas Cash Poker page, Map of US Poker Rooms, and Poker Room Reviews will aid you in that effort.

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