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Four Ways We Keep up with the WSOP

Although we would love to head out to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas every summer, there are years that we have other things we have to take care of. Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE attending the WSOP. And we love taking part in all of the other craziness that goes on in Las Vegas when the WSOP is in town. We even took a poker road trip to Las Vegas a couple of years ago and spent an entire month soaking up those WSOP vibes. But some years, we just can’t find the time or the funds. So, we do our best to keep up with the WSOP from home. Here are our go to websites:

The WSOP Tournament Website

When we are looking for details about an event, the WSOP Tournament website itself keeps us informed. The website has links to every bracelet event throughout the Series. You can look up buy-ins, structures, and tournament rules. Once a tournament is underway, you can see who has entered, who has busted, the chip stacks, the prize pool (and payout structure), who moneyed, and for how much. If you want to keep up with a particular player in the WSOP, this website is all you need. The WSOP even shares live reporting of each event on this site. So you can get a bit of the play-by-play putting you in the position of watching over the tables remotely. Just this week, I followed the 2-7 triple draw final table updates to see Phil Ivey win his 11th bracelet.

Keep up with the WSOP

Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP Vlog

During the WSOP every summer, poker pro Daniel Negreanu (who teaches a great MasterClass on poker, by the way) keeps a daily Vlog of his antics at the World Series. He is always looking for Player of the Year points, so he plays many more bracelet events than the average bear. Through his Vlog, he keeps his fans up on his wins and losses, “oopsies,” and bad beats. He shares his thoughts about his event choices and even some of his strategy. At the end of each day, he updates his cumulative tally of cash in and cash out across the Series. He even offers his fans the opportunity to stake him in certain events. We could do with a little less time spent on his dogs and would enjoy a few more hand reviews. But we know that Kid Poker will help us keep up with the WSOP on a daily basis.

We Use PokerGo to Keep up with the WSOP

PokerGo, the only streaming network dedicated to poker, has been covering the WSOP since 2017. This year, PokerGo is planning to live stream over 300 hours of the WSOP, including the entire Main Event. They cover a wide number of other bracelet events (over 30 in 2024) with a number of final table “live” (slightly delayed) feeds and extensive commentary. If you are interested in such things, you can also go back and watch previous years’ WSOP events on PokerGo as well. You can subscribe to PokerGo for the whole year for around $100. However, if you prefer, you can also subscribe just for a month or two (at a higher monthly rate) to catch the WSOP coverage. We have definitely had glitches with PokerGo in the past. In the beginning, the streaming speed made it pretty janky. And even last year there was some inconsistent coverage and questionable commentary (we still miss Lon and Norm!!). But if you want to keep up with the WSOP from end-to-end, PokerGo is probably your best option.

Keep up with the WSOP


If you prefer to get your WSOP news in written, rather than video form, PokerNews is the venue for you. PokerNews is the place to go for written wall-to-wall World Series of Poker coverage. The intrepid reporters at PokerNews are actually the folks behind the live updates you will find on the WSOP website as well. In addition to those brief messages, PokerNews also writes complete articles about the high-profile players at the WSOP, the most exciting events, and even some behind-the-scenes intrigue. PokerNews also offers short videos illustrating the action. I dare you to spend some time at the PokerNews website and try to get out without even a touch of FOMO.

The best way to keep up with the WSOP is clearly to get yourself to Las Vegas. However, if you find that you can’t be there live, the four outlets above will keep you apprised of the many goings on of the world’s best poker tournament series.

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