Favorite Poker Websites

Our Favorite Poker Websites

Thousands of poker websites vie for your attention every day. There are news sites, strategy sites, training sites, forums, and more. Given our love of poker, Paul and I check out new poker websites all the time. I probably access at least five different poker websites every day. Here are our favorite poker websites along with the reasons why each makes the list.

Favorite Poker Websites


PokerNews is probably the closest thing that poker has to a newspaper. Whenever there is something going on in the poker world, PokerNews is the first place we turn to learn more. Whether you’re looking for the latest information on your favorite player, World Series of Poker (WSOP) tips, strategy articles, or poker videos, PokerNews is on it. They also offer live reporting for some of the biggest poker tournaments out there.  PokerNews even gives minute by minute updates of the WSOP Main Event. If you prefer to get your poker updates through headphones, PokerNews offers podcasts as well.

Cardplayer Lifestyle

Robbie Strazynski’s Cardplayer Lifestyle website offers a wonderful mix of articles about poker people, lifestyle, and strategy. Robbie and a rotating cast of contributors publish articles several times each week. The articles are generally enlightening and always fun to read. Cardplayer Lifestyle also covers poker festivals and shares interviews with poker luminaries, media folk, and dealers. Anyone related to the poker world is fair game for the Cardplayer Lifestyle spotlight. Robbie even graciously took the time to interview us for his website last year.

Cardplayer Lifestyle also  shares reviews of poker courses, books, and vlogs. On top of everything else, Robbie is just a generally good guy and a great promoter of other poker enthusiasts.  Cardplayer Lifestyle is definitely our favorite poker blog (other than our own!), and thus one of our favorite poker websites.

Favorite Poker Websites
The Poker Pilgrims with Robbie Strazynski in Las Vegas last summer

Advanced Poker Training

As we have written before, Advanced Poker Training (APT) is our go-to poker training website. (Full Disclosure: one of our side-hustles is writing the APT member blog, so we may be a bit biased). The APT software allows you to play your preferred NLH format (tournament, cash, or Sit-N-Go) against programmed opponents of various abilities.  You can fully customize structure, stakes, and player strength to resemble your favorite live or online games.

At the end of each week, APT provides a training plan identifying areas needing improvement. Reports chart your progress on important metrics such as starting hand choice and position play. You can focus on specific situations by playing any starting hand or position you want.  APT is also constantly evolving.  Recently, it added a training tool that pre-programs typical trouble hands (e.g. open-ended straight draws on the flop) and allows you to play those scenarios more than 100 times in an hour. APT’s focused approach accelerates the process of mastering poker skills.

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PokerGo isn’t exactly a website as much as it is a poker TV network. However, you can access it on the web, and thus we count it among our favorite poker websites. We first signed up for PokerGo two years ago when it became the place to keep up with WSOP live action. During the 2017 Main Event, when ESPN wasn’t live, PokerGo generally was.

In the past two years, the network has maintained their status as a leader in televised WSOP action, but they now offer so much more. They have resurrected the classic Poker After Dark, show WPT final tables, and offer both scripted and unscripted series. One of my favorite scripted series is a silly little sit-com called Poker Nights. PokerGo also offers a wide variety of interview series, from Pokerography, to Beyond the Rail, and Stories from the Felt. I’m a particular sucker for these, and have probably watched the Daniel Negreanu story at least three times.



Poker Atlas

Poker Atlas is a crucial poker resource that every player needs to have in their back pocket. The Poker Atlas website and associated app offer information about most poker rooms in North America. They publish tournament schedules, cash game numbers, room promotions, comps, and player reviews. In our area (New England) they offer the widest coverage of live data for both cash games and tournament action. Poker Atlas even allows you to remotely sign up for a cash wait list to beat those long lines.

We combine Poker Atlas with Bravo Poker Live to get the best coverage of live numbers. Casinos typically publish player counts and tournament clocks to one site or the other. You just need to determine which website covers your favored room. Of the two, we have found Poker Atlas to be more user-friendly and offer better coverage. Additionally, I find the Bravo Poker app to be maddeningly buggy. Thus, Poker Atlas is the site that makes the list of favorite poker websites.

So those are our favorite poker websites. What are yours?


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