Daniel Negreanu Masterclass Review

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review

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Two years ago, we signed up for a year of MasterClass primarily to take the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass on poker. We admit it, we’re Negreanu fans. We enjoy his game and he has built a real cult of personality around him. Also, while he has taken some controversial stances over time, his tournament track record speaks for itself. We even enjoyed watching him vlog his disastrous 2022 WSOP results last summer. There is a certain amount of schadenfreude in watching someone that successful tank day after day. So when MasterClass started advertising a series of poker lessons from the man himself, we thought this would be an excellent addition to our poker education.

In case you are not familiar with MasterClass, it’s a collection of online classes taught by experts in a variety of fields. In addition to the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass on poker, you can choose from such other luminaries as Carlos Santana on the Art and Soul of Playing Guitar, Annie Leibovitz on Photography, Spike Lee on Filmmaking, and Alice Waters on the Art of Home Cooking. Masterclass includes a combination of video content, printable lesson summaries, and an online

class discussion area. You can experience MasterClass on your laptop or stream to your TV. They also offer an app for the iPhone or iPad, so you can take MasterClass on the go with you. Currently, an All Access Pass, with access to all of the published MasterClass content, is $180 for a year. After two years of membership, the All Access Pass still seems like a bargain. Who can pass up Werner Herzog on filmmaking?

Daniel Negreanu Masterclass Review

Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Content

Daniel offers 38 lessons ranging from 4 or 5 minutes to half an hour long. A variety of topics range from the basics, such as position and hand range to more complex material, like table image and game selection. We initially thought that the lessons might be too basic, but as we progressed through the content, we picked up a number of tips and ideas that were new to us. While a lot of the video content is in the form of Negreanu as a talking head (comparable to a teacher giving a lecture at the front of the room), Daniel intersperses example hands pulled from his long history as a professional player. One fun game to play is to guess Daniel’s age in each example hand based on his hairstyle. There is also some excellent material in the downloadable pdfs that accompany each lesson. The hand range lesson even gives you access to equilab, a range calculator app.

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Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker

While we enjoyed most of Negreanu’s lessons (even the basic ones), some of our favorites were his thoughts on multi-way dynamics, masking tells, how to think at the poker table, and life as a poker player. Each of these had rich content in areas that we had not fully thought out previously. For example, I realized that my habit of constant chip shuffling might be giving away information I don’t want to share. I have since resolved to put the chips down when I have cards in front of me. There is a nice mix of tournament and cash lessons included, with specific lessons on the best approaches for each.

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Thoughts on the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass

Overall, we really enjoyed the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass. We liked the mix of lecture and hand reviews, and found the written content very useful. The pdfs both serve to leave us with something we can easily review in the future, and contain glossaries and images to help reinforce any new content or ideas.

In the meantime, we’re very glad that we shelled out for the annual pass.  Since completing the Negreanu class, we have taken the Phil Ivey class, which we sadly do not recommend, and several other classes on a variety of topics from gardening to sleep habits.. We’re currently trying to decide between Alice Waters on Home Cooking and Margaret Atwood on Creative Writing. Or maybe Jimmy Chin on Adventure Photography.

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