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Champions Club Poker Room Review

When Paul and I were looking for a place to stay in Houston while on our Texas poker road trip, we came across Champions Club Westchase Houston. Further exploration turned up the fact that Champions Club had a poker room (that we were previously unaware of) on the first floor of the hotel. Apparently, the hotel and poker room had just opened last summer. Kismet, right? We promptly booked a room there and planned to visit the poker room once we arrived.

Casino Setting 

Champions Club is set on the first floor of the eponymous hotel. The hotel is set in a large field on the edge of the Vietnamese neighborhood of Houston. It is surrounded by office parks and generic urban sprawl. A helpful card in our hotel room shared the history of the place.

Champions Club card

So, yeah. Criminal element. Here is where we note that one enters the hotel through a metal detector after having one’s belongings inspected by two armed security guards. Really gave us the warm fuzzies about our impending two-day stay.

Having said that, the hotel was lovely. It was quiet (it seemed like we were the only guests on our floor). It was comfortable. And we had a fabulous meal at the small hotel restaurant on our second night there. Despite the welcome card, we definitely recommend it.

Champions Club exterior

Non-Poker Amenities

As a Texas card room, cards are the only thing on offer here. There are the hotel and restaurant previously mentioned, but that’s it. And it really feels like a poker room sitting inside a hotel rather than a “casino” or “resort” featuring a hotel.

Champions Club Poker Room Comfort

The 15-table poker room is large and bright. The ceilings are two stories high in the front and there are windows everywhere. Champions is, in fact, one of the brightest poker rooms I have experienced. The room generally felt quite upscale. The atmosphere was quiet and smoke-free, and once you get past the guards at the front door, it feels very safe. A cistern of water with lemon slices floating about was even set in the center of the room for players’ use. If you prefer a soda, Pepsi is free, but a Coke costs $2.

Champions Club poker room

The chairs are extremely comfortable. They have wheels and are adjustable. The tables are attractive, clean, and branded. They also feature a nice padded rail and drink cups but lack USB ports or auto-shufflers. Spacing between tables is excellent with plenty of room to move around.

The chips, cards, and felts are all very clean. Play is nine-handed, but the tables are large enough that everyone had plenty of elbow room. The obligatory large TVs ringed the walls.

There were an additional two tables in the back of the space. One hosted a very high-limit game being played by two players at the time we were there. The other featured a full studio which is used for live-streaming. Champions Club has an arrangement with PokerGo, which airs several live-streamed events within.

Poker Room Staff

The Champions Club staff are excellent. The dealers are accurate, fast, and friendly. Dealers kept the play smooth. The floor kept tables balanced. There was only one waitress in the room but she somehow managed to keep up with player orders for both drinks and lunch from the in-house restaurant. Several players at my table ordered lunch and none of them experienced an extended wait.

Players at Champions Club Poker Room

There was a range of players, both in age and ethnicity. The room skewed young compared with others. As at Texas Card House, there was only one other female player in the room (playing in the tournament). Most players at my table were very friendly and chatty, with a mix of regulars and out-of-towners. The playing style was very aggressive, but this was commensurate with the structure of this wild $20 tournament.

Tournament Structure

Champions Club offers a rapidly changing rotation of tournaments. They offer everything from freerolls with terrible structures and infinite rebuys for $20 a pop to elite events during their “poker opens” with buy-ins over $1,000 and excellent structures. If you are interested in visiting, check out their current schedule on PokerAtlas and then call the room to confirm. We have found that tournaments in Texas are in constant flux, so calling ahead is always wise.

The tournament we played was a freeroll with a $20 dealer add-on for a total of 20k chips and infinite $20 rebuys. There were 32 players registered by the time registration closed, many of whom added on multiple times. A one-time add-on of $40 for another 50k chips was offered at break. The structure was extremely steep, with 15-minute blinds and antes starting at level 1.

In terms of Texas “membership” dues, Champions Club had a reasonable setup. The initial dues were a mere $10, with the first hour of cash play (or tournament day) free.

Cash Game Activity

On this afternoon, the Champions Club poker room was running two active cash tables of $1/$2 and one of $1/$3. While Champions Club is too new to feature in our Texas Cash Games Activity tables, we will be adding it shortly.


Overall Assessment of the Champions Club Poker Room

Champions Club is an upscale, comfortable poker room with a variety of tournaments. The poker room staff is professional and friendly. With their setting and their arrangement with PokerGo, they are clearly going for a prestige position in the Houston poker scene. The future looks bright for Champions Club.

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Champions Club is an upscale, comfortable poker room with a variety of tournaments. The poker room staff is professional and friendly. With their setting and their arrangement with PokerGo, they are clearly going for the prestige position in the Houston poker scene. 

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