Advanced Poker Training is the best poker training site around

The Best Poker Training We Have Found

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Today we want to share with you the best poker training site that we have found. This one comes with a double disclaimer.  We are not only affiliates for the site, but also write for their blog and help them develop content as our primary side-hustle. Of course, that’s not a coincidence. We do all of these things for Advanced Poker Training because we love them so much. Their methods have been extremely effective in bringing our games to the next level.

Given that our goal is to spend a year on the road playing poker, we think a lot about how to get better at the game. If we drop 100 tournament buy ins with no return on investment, it could be a very expensive year. So we read, and we watch, and we practice, and we train. When we train, we want to make sure we are taking advantage of the best poker training options available.

Advanced Poker Training is the best poker training site around

Favorite Books

We both came to poker late in our lives, picking it up in our 30s. At first we played free pub poker to get a feel for the game before we invested any money in the endeavor. We quickly learned that poker, like chess, can be taught in a few minutes, but takes a lifetime to master. So we started reading. We have at least 40 poker books in our house. If you’re interested, our favorites are Arnold Snyder’s “The Tournament Poker Formula“, Dan Harrington’s Hold’Em tournament strategy books, Daniel Negreanu’s “Power Hold’Em Strategy“, and Jonathan Little and Patricia Cardner’s “Peak Poker Performance“.

We continue to read. We play as often as we can. And after we play we discuss our strategy, difficult hands, and trouble spots that we encounter. Unfortunately, we don’t play as often as we would like, given our kids and our jobs and our crazy life. So we started looking for an online training site that would help us improve our game on our own time. After researching a variety of poker training sites, we settled on Advanced Poker Training. APT offers the best package of strategy, resources, and community out there.

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Best Poker Training Online

Advanced Poker Training (APT) is a pretty amazing site. They offer the ability to play your preferred format of No Limit Hold-Em (tournament style, cash, or Sit-N-Go) against programmed opponents of various abilities. APT also allows you to customize games to resemble the structure, stakes, and player strength of your favorite live or online structures. At the end of each week you get a training plan identifying your most important areas in need of improvement. Reports chart your improvement on important metrics such as starting hand choice and position play. You can also focus on specific situations by playing any starting hand or position you want. Replay a hand as many times as you like until you feel you have mastered your approach.

APT’s Reports section allows you to access your performance on certain poker actions, such as raising pre-flop and continuation betting. It tells you how much luck has affected your performance, and identifies your best and most challenging hands. The hand analysis section allows you to replay hands tagged by APT as outstanding or problematic.


My favorite aspect of APT are the Beat the Pro Challenges. APT has worked with a number of pros, such as Jonathan Little, Scotty Nguyen, Scott Blumstein, and David Williams to create these amazing challenges. Each BTP Challenge starts with an explanatory video filmed by the professional player explaining the nature of the challenge. Next you have an opportunity to play a grouping of hands to practice that skill. Finally, you watch the pro play the same hands while explaining the thinking behind all their decisions. The BTP Challenges allow you to compare your outcomes both to the pro and to the other APT members. Beat the Pro Challenges are a lot of fun and very educational.

Constantly Evolving

APT also has an ever expanding library of resources. There are games which allow you to practice your board reading, an odds chart, a series of training articles, an active member forum, a shove/fold tool, a tournament chop tool, and of course, a blog (that’s us!). The site is constantly growing and adding new features to help you improve your game. APT hosts regular webinars with pros like Alex Fitzgerald, author of The Myth of Poker Talent , James SplitSuit Sweeney, and poker coach Kenna James. Advanced Poker Training has also developed a new ninja combat trainer. The combat trainer allows players to focus on trouble spots like playing AK and whiffing on the flop. Kenna James has also collaborated with APT to offer a number of combat trainer scenarios specially created for tournament players.

In short, we really love Advanced Poker Training and feel that it is the best poker training site out there to help us bring our game to the next level.

APT is simply the best poker training site we have found

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