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Average Number of Cash Poker Tables Florida

Poker Pilgrims is happy to continue our Average Number of Cash Poker Tables tracking. We recently completed collecting data on the average number of poker tables by day across the state of Florida. Our page with the Florida results is now live. Florida Cash Poker average number of tables can be accessed via the drop-down menus at the top of the homepage (under Poker Room Information). Note that there are a series of filters at the top of the page that will allow you to filter table counts by venue, day, or game ($1/$2, $2/$5, PLO, or Other).

Florida Cash Games

As of Spring 2022, there are 22 poker rooms in Florida that report numbers of cash poker tables to either Bravo Poker or Poker Atlas. Among these, Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Bay, Derby Lane, and BestBet Jacksonville offer the most consistently active cash games in the state. If you are looking to play some PLO, Daytona Beach or Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood are your best bets. Meanwhile, if you want to play higher stakes or other poker variants, BestBet Jacksonville on a Saturday is the best place to be.

Note, as always, these numbers are drawn from Poker Atlas and Bravo Poker Live. We are unable to include poker rooms that do not report to one of these sites. However, there are a number of other small poker rooms in Florida that offer the opportunity for cash play. These include Dania Beach, Ocala-Gainesville, Ebro, Palm Beach Kennel Club, and a few others. Most of these poker rooms will have a table or two of $1/$2 running several evenings and weekends, but not much more.


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Our Plan

The average number of cash tables page will be updated regularly. Over time we will add average cash numbers for other US regions with high concentrations of poker rooms. These will include areas such as Las Vegas, Southern California, and the mid-Atlantic seaboard. We are currently working on Las Vegas, which we will have live by May.

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Sites such as Poker Atlas and Bravo Poker Live offer users the ability to see the current numbers of cash players at a venue at any given time. However, we have not found a resource that allows you to plan your next poker visit in advance. Currently, if I would like to learn how many $1-$2 no-limit tables Maryland Live! gets on a Thursday evening, there is nowhere to go to find that information. Poker Pilgrims hopes to fill that gap. Whether you are figuring out where to play poker next weekend, or where to plan your next poker vacation, our average number of cash poker tables page will hopefully be of help.

Ultimately, our vision is to track the number of average cash poker tables across the country. In areas where a poker player has options, this information, along with room reviews, can help you make a discerning choice. Be patient with us as we work to populate these tables. In the meantime, feel free to visit our New England and Florida pages.


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