Poker Player's Life List

A Poker Player’s Life List

Have you ever wanted to keep track of all of the poker rooms you have visited in your travels? Some people collect casino chips, others keep player’s cards. But what if you would like to keep a list of all of the rooms you have been to in one place? Perhaps with ratings and notes, all wrapped up in an attractive package? A poker life list perhaps?

Seek no more! Paul and I (with the talented assistance of our good friend Tina of Loose Webbing Designs) have created for you your very own Poker Player’s Life List! What the heck is a poker life list you ask? Well, let us tell you!

If you are a birdwatcher, a life list is a list of all the birds that you have seen in your lifetime. Each time you see a new bird, you write it down, or alternatively, check it off a list .

Our poker life list follows the same idea. Each of the poker rooms in the United States (and a handful in Canada) that feature six or more tables appear in the book.

As you visit each room, you can check it off your poker life list!

We have included two columns, labeled T for Tournament and C for Cash, so you can keep separate track of your Tournament and Cash play. We recognize that not all poker rooms offer tournaments, but as tournament availability changes over time, we have left the tournament option available for all rooms.

Poker Life List
Sample Page

You may also record the date of your visit and rate your experience relative to other poker rooms you have experienced. Jot any thoughts you want to remember about a particular casino in our Notes section in the back.

Finally, every poker player has a bucket list. There’s a world of poker out there just waiting to be explored! Check out our Poker Player’s Bucket List of potential experiences at the back of the book. Bucket List items can include things such as entering a World Series of Poker bracelet event, playing on a cruise ship or riverboat, trying variants other than Hold’em, or traveling to a room in Europe, Asia, South America or elsewhere.

You can buy our poker life list on Amazon whenever you like. Perhaps buy one for a friend or loved one who enjoys playing poker both at home and away. Or put it on your own Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday list and pass the link along to family and friends!

A Poker Life List Offer for You

Our Poker Player’s Life List just came out on Amazon last week. It is brand new and its page needs a little love. For the next week, we are offering a free copy to the first three people who email to request one. In exchange, we only ask for your honest review of the life list once you receive it. To get a copy, just email us at Heather (at) Poker to let us know you want the book. We will need your name and mailing address (US only) in order to send your copy on its way. Send your email quickly in order to be one of the first three! (Ed. Note: All three copies have now been sent out!)

Disclosure: The links on this page are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. We will also make a small royalty on sales of our book. For more information, see our Disclosure page.

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