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Poker Pilgrims 8 Most Popular Posts of 2019

As we approach the holidays, we look back at our second full year of sharing our experiences with poker, travel and life in general. We are very excited to have introduced our poker cash table counts this year. A lot of work goes into tracking tables, but we are committed to continue this work and to eventually cover most of the poker rooms in the country, region by region. We also added eleven room reviews this year and updated three reviews (Greyhound Casino at Seabrook Park, Mohegan Sun, and Foxwoods) for rooms that had significant renovations.

Meanwhile, our travels brought us to Miami, the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, and, of course, Las Vegas. We threw down over cruising, sugar detoxes, and tag team poker tournaments. At year’s end, we are both energized by our 2019 adventures and excited to see what 2020 will bring. But without further ado, here are our 8 most popular posts of 2019.

Our 8 Most Popular Posts of 2019

Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass Review

We’re always looking for ways to improve our poker game. When we saw that Daniel Negreanu was teaching a MasterClass, how could we resist? We learned a lot from Daniel’s videos and shared our review with you. Month after month this year, our MasterClass review has continued to garner the most hits of any individual post.

5 Best Poker Rooms in New England

This was not only our second most popular post of 2019, it was also one of our most controversial. Everyone has their own favorite poker room, and our favorites may not be yours. We enjoyed hearing other perspectives on what makes a good poker room and the reasons people had for preferring one over the other.  Of course, since we wrote this post, Encore Boston Harbor opened and Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun and Seabrook (Now Greyhound Casino) all went through major renovations. We’ll definitely be revisiting this topic again in 2020.


8 Most Popular Posts of 2019
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How Has Encore Boston Harbor Changed the New England Poker Landscape

Not surprisingly, this was our other highly controversial post of 2019. The fact is, the opening of Encore resulted in some distinct winners and losers among New England poker rooms. The cash landscape has changed completely, and with Encore’s addition of tournaments this fall, the tournament landscape is evolving as well. As New England is our stomping ground, we will be keeping an eye on this topic as well.

The Pros and Crazy Cons of South Florida Poker Rooms

Last February, in honor of my big birthday, we took a wild trip to South Florida in which we played at 7 different poker rooms in 10 days (and we played at the Seminole Coconut Creek twice! How could we resist Crazy Pineapple?). This article described that trip and related all that we learned about South Florida poker, from the great dealers and friendly players to the bizarre structures and outrageous rakes.



Starting to see a pattern… our most popular posts in 2019 were those that most directly relate to poker. We will take that feedback into 2020 and let it shape how we spend our time with this blog.

Five Ways to Enjoy the WSOP Without Spending $10,000

Every year we look forward to our trip to the WSOP in Las Vegas. While it’s a bucket list item for both of us to play the Main Event one day, we can’t even imagine dropping twenty grand on buy-ins right now. However, we have discovered that Las Vegas has tournaments for everyone while the WSOP is in town. We love playing the WSOP daily deep stacks. We have favorite tournaments at the Orleans. And we had a blast last summer playing the Tag Team Switch Tournament at Planet Hollywood.

Four Steps to a Happy Poker Partnership

Paul and I are both poker players, but we are partners first (I think). And, in general, we do a great job focusing on the strengths of that partnership. At least when he hasn’t just knocked me out on the exact bubble of a major tournament… In this post we share what works for us (and what doesn’t) as we move together to play poker far and wide.

As we approach the Holidays, we look back at our second full year of sharing our experiences with poker, travel and life in general.Click To Tweet

My Poker Bucket List

Bucket lists are fun. So it isn’t really a surprise that my poker bucket list got a lot of eyeballs. In this article, I share my top poker goals and why they are important to me. Sadly, I did not cross any items off my bucket list this year. There’s always 2020!

Four Keys to Preparing for Long-Term Poker Travel

This article really pulls it all together for us. It covers the four areas that we (and you) need to work on when planning a poker pilgrimage. As we move closer to our big trip, we will continue working on the program that we set forth in this post.

These were our 8 most popular posts of 2019. I can’t wait to see what our most popular posts next year are!

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